Well, I don’t keep up with this blog. That is quite obvious. On the other hand, I can’t bring my self to delete it. So the update as of now is that I am using a wheelchair 99.9999% of the time out of the house. I taught Kate to pull the chair, pick things up, etc. She is about 25 pounds plumper and proud. I am graduating college in December and Kate and I will take on law school in January. She is the most well educated dog around!

I think you can somehow message me through this if you have any questions before I decide to update this in a year or so. If not, my e-mail is jadeperry08@gmail.com

P.S. Kate rocks.


There has been a lot of improvement. I think it was just an awkward transition as we kinda went from 0 to 60. I fell down today 5 or 6 times and without Katie it would have been more. But what I realized today is that she is super helpful when falling. When I fall with her 99% of the time I fall backwards and am pulling on her pretty hard. She tugs back to keep me up and if I am going down her pulling substantially slows me down and I hit the ground softly so there are no injuries. I was told today that I fall gracefully and the credit goes to Kate on that one!

Katie and I are going back to the farm for a few days over the week of st.pattys.

I have been falling at school with Katie now almost every day. But now that it happens so often she seems to have developed a fear of me falling her. So when I fall she pulls so any chance I had of regaining my balance before I hit the floor is basically gone.

So now we just wait…

WordPress shows me what people googled to end up at my page and I thought it was interesting that someone typed in how to stop a great dane from hitting people with paws. So this is how I did it.

I put the behavior on cue. If I say gimme that paw Katie will happily oblige. Even if I just put my hand out in the manner that I could be looking for a paw, I recieve one. I reward her for those behaviors and ignore her when she gives it to me when I have given no indication of wanting her paw. She has learned that there is a time and place and that time is only when I ask. So her hitting has almost completely subsided. 🙂

Hope this helps the next person who googles it.

I’ve been stepping on Katie’s foot while walking so she try to walk about a foot away. I certainly can’t blame her, she gives me the sad eyes everytime I do it. But walking so far away is minimizing support. The only obvious solution is for me to stop stepping on her foot but I can’t help it. 😦 So Carlene is sleeping on it and hopefully she will think of something.

Carlene, the founder of Service Dog Project, warns you when you interview for a service dog that you will still fall, you will just fall less. And not only will the dog help you back up when you fall, but they might even sneak in a kiss while doing so.

I had an amazing record. In the almost nine months I have had Katie, I had not fallen with her. Not once. That is not to say that I have not fallen down in 9 months, but I had not fallen down while using Katie as an aid. I still fall a few times a week hanging around the house.

But anyway, I always use her when I am out and about so I had not fallen down publicly in 9 months. Well… That run is over. If I fall towards her I push on her and if I fall away I pull. Well today I fell towards but was a little too far over her to catch myself. So I fell head first over her into a display at Hollister. I almost peed myself laughing.

A sense of humor is very important!

This is Katie’s 9th flight in the 8 1/2 months I have had her. Every single time we go through security she beeps because of her collar, they ask if I can take it off, I say no and they pat her down. According to law you do not have to take off any harness, gear or collar. It may confuse the dogs like Katie that get in the working mindset only when dressed the part. So today, all 4 security officers admit fear of patting down such a big dog. So what do they do instead? Nothing. It is not like Katie is hiding uranium under her harness or anything, but someones dog could be. I am just in awe for two reasons. Security was supposedly beefed up after the attempted attack on christmas. 2. They are afraid to touch her but they have no problem with me taking her collar and leash off to let her walk freely around security?

Ohhh Logan Airport… How you confuse me!

Katie and I are both going for a weekend getaway. Seperately. My mom, my sister and I are going to Florida for the weekend to swim with dolphins and go to Magic Kingdom. Katie is spending the weekend at the dog farm.


A few reasons.

Katie is strong enough to walk all around disney world, but I am not. So I will be kickin’ it in my wheelchair.

One of us would have to skip all the rides as Katie obviously can’t do space mountain.

Kate is not a huge fan of kids and all their noises. There is a lot of crying, screaming and excited squeeling at disney world.

Taking Katie to cities for extended stays is always a hassle. Let me rephrase… Finding a grassy area to take Katie to do his business is very difficult!

So I will have fun in FL and Katie will have a relaxing weekend off with all of her canine relatives…

So have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!


Katie is a natural paw-er. If she is laying by you and wants to be pet she’ll just hit you. If you don’t want to be hit again, then you better pet her. So today I decided to teach her to paw on command. She was a little overzealous to say the least…

My video won’t embed for some reason…

I’ll leave it anyway in case it decides to. If  not, here is the link.

Katie is getting some good old time off. At school she gets one day off a week if she’s lucky. But alas, we are back in MA and she is getting a break for two reasons. I didn’t bring my truck home for break, so we’re basically home all day most days. Also, I don’t do winter weather. Snow/ice=wheelchair. So Kate is working 2 or 3 days a week instead of 6 or 7. So my posting will probably be pretty lax for a few weeks, it’s just because we;re not doing anything. So no worries, all is well. 🙂

Happy Holidays!